Lifetime Access
With Lifetime Access, you can track best traders activity for life. Mint to own now.
SuperFlip is released to create unique trading tools that are not available in the market. We check the habits of users who earn money. We analyze what they buy and sell. We realized that the decisions made by whales are much more accurate than other ordinary wallets. That's why we follow them closely. SuperFlip will improve our analysis tools and filters.

SuperFlip has a simple and very important benefit for today. SUPER TRADERS!! With SuperFlip, you can instantly follow more than 50,000 traders that have invested in the best collections. You can quickly watch what they buy and sell. Get the SuperFlip Pass now at no extra lifetime cost and start earning.
Who makes a lot of profit? SuperFlip researches and analyzes this. SuperFlip was made with the aim of developing useful tools that are not available on the market. All sales will be used to gradually develop different features. Right now we have a great tool where you can track the trading of whales. In the future we will report the analyzes and make them filterable.

We also closely monitor traders who complete their trades with profit and analyze their purchases. We have studies that calculate the probability of success of the published collections.
What is the mint price of the collection?
Mint price is 0.001 ETH.

What is the total supply?
There will be levels of total supply. Each level consists of 1,000 NFTs and new features to be developed at each level will be added to the site. The total supply is 10,000.

How do I buy a SuperFlip Pass NFT?
First, you need to have an ETH wallet and transfer ETH into it. You can use various exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase to buy ETH. And you can use Metamask to create an ETH wallet. Then you can transfer ETH from exchange to your MetaMask address if you don’t already have ETH in it. Download the MetaMask extension to your computer:

and then connect your wallet. On the day of minting, click ‘Mint’ on our website, connect to your MetaMask wallet and complete the transaction.
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